April 04, 2007

SIsterly Love

I am continually reminded of the bond that siblings possess. Certainly, one expects an instant bond to exist with multiples. However, I was concerned about how that bond would blend within our existing family dynamics. When I endured my last frozen embryo transfer, I never would have thought that triplets would be the outcome. With Abbi, we put back two perfect embryos and loss her twin at 9 weeks. The odds in a FET cycle are considerably stacked against you. Kevin and I wanted one more child to round out our sibiling pairs. The older two would be great friends and Abbi and new the baby would be great friends. And then we heard three heartbeats. Our perfect plan crumbled around us! I wondered if all of my children would find closeness despite their age differences. There is quite a spread amoung them. Between Ashlyn and the triplets, there is an 8 year gap. That is pretty significant. Between Kaelyn and the triplets, there is a 6 year gap. Again, pretty significant.
I feared an exclusive closeness between Ashlyn and Kaelyn, and then another between the triplets, would leave my poor redhead smack in the middle and all alone. It seems quite to the contrary. Ashlyn and the triplets are very close. I think Kaeleb likes Ashlyn the most! Kaelyn and Abbi can always be found playing together in a bedroom with Magnetix or Littlest Pet Shop. The triplets snuggle together for naps and the older three play well together outside. Abbi loves the babies (as long as no one touches her toys!). But in the end, it turns out all that worry was in vain.

April 03, 2007

No pictures please!

Is this baby camera shy already? Perhaps mom takes too many pictures. Perhaps she hasn't had the opportunity to fix her make-up. Or perhaps she wants a diaper that fits her figure better. Who knows. Four shots in a row and ALL of them have her hands over her face. Guess this just wasn't her day to shine. I think Kaedence is saying that she has had enough of the lime light.

So...I pretend to shut the camera off. I turn my attention to Go, Diego, Go blasting behind me on the television. After a few squeals and squawks in a full hearted attempt to gain my appreciation, this naughty baby finally turns on the charm. And the result?

Not too bad for a sassy kid! She may be one of three, but she is certainly one in a million! LOL!

How do I find the time...

to update my blog? Simple, my children spend their entire day asleep.

Now, seriously folks. They each nap for about 20 mins an afternoon, all at different times and in various locations. You'd think I would figure out how to get at least the three little monkeys to nap in their cribs on the same schedule. Nope. Then I would miss out on all the photo opps!

March 30, 2007

14 months old

Kaeleb, Kaedence, and Aoife are surely growing fast. Here are the latest pictures of the pea pod squad at 14 months old!

Climbing the walls!

Okay, perhaps not the walls but certainly the counters! This kid is driving me bonkers!!! LOL! GET OFF MY COUNTERS!!!

Good greif! LOL! How in the world did this monkey even get up there???

March 29, 2007

Chicken Sluggers

Ashlyn and Kaelyn are taking Pahrump Fast Pitch Softball by storm!!! The Chicken Sluggers are off to a terrific start this season. Ashlyn has worked very hard to star as our teams pitcher!!! We are all so proud. Kaelyn is our short stop. She is a very valuable player. We certainly count on her to keep the scoring to a minimum.
Ashlyn on the pitchers mound.

Ashlyn on deck.

Kaelyn at bat.

Kaelyn at Short Stop!

Getting ready for the big game.

Who will to the first step?

The trio are on their feet. Kaedence can stand up without the aid of any objects. Kaeleb and Aoife can pull themselves up with the couch or a helper. All three can cruise around the furniture. I am amazed daily. Check out my preemie may-not-make-it-through-the-next-24-hours kids!!! They are miracles on two feet.

Anyone care to guess who will take the first solo step?